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About E-Procurement

Pacific safety Wear leads the industry in e-commerce, offering business-to-business Internet ordering solutions via either our purpose built order management site or direct through our system to system integration.

Our fast and effective online solutions helps and simplify the ordering process to drive down your purchase costs by eliminating errors, managing back orders, and reducing the time it takes to place orders - saving both time and money.

Using our e- procurement site, gives you desktop access to thousands of products so you can instantly view pricing and product availability online. After choosing products, you can transmit your order in seconds to our central despatch computer system and receive goods in most cases the next business day.

What is e-procurement?

The Procurement Department of any organization is under ever increasing pressure to source more products, more quantities and more efficiently.

The Procurement Department is also measured on purchasing costs. This one key area that procurement have control over, usually creates an environment where the only perceived savings are those created by purchasing the cheapest product to do the job. Sometimes this works, however in a lot of cases, especially in safety, it is not what has been specified by Occupational Safety & Health.

However, Procurement Departments now have access to cost savings for the company by using fully integrated EDI procurement systems. How often have we been told that “The cost to raise a purchase order is $$$$$$”. Companies say the cost is $50.00 and some say it can be $100.00. We say it should be $0.06 cents

Online ordering has been around for years. However companies do not want to

  1. House their own catalogue within their system.
  2. Raise a purchase order in their system
  3. Recreate the order again in the Online Ordering System.

This is double handling. Not very efficient

What if all of this could be done at the same time and in addition allow the system to arrange the payment and pay the invoice electronically.

Now that's where companies can really save money!


Pacific Safety Wear, in conjunction with the West Australian company Cat Tech Limited is able to offer a fully integrated e-procurement system to your company. This system does not require you to be a multi national with millions of dollars to spend. The Cat Tech system is affordable for all.

Cat Tech can assist with a fully integrated e-procurement system for all of our customers. Cat Tech can provide a system with the following requirements;

  • Low in cost
  • Support SME to SME purchasing with no need for sophisticated software at each customer
  • Support simple integration to e-markets
  • Support simple integration to multiple Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS)
  • Be usable by existing IT support companies with established relationships
  • Be robust and professional in all environments.

So what does this mean for your company?

Companies can take full cost saving and efficiency advantage of EDI when doing e-procurement business with Pacific Safety Wear for very little cost. Using Cat Tech, Pacific Safety Wear can offer to its customers, product functionality that includes:

  • Flexible catalogue structure to support existing business
  • Fully searchable via descriptions, manufacturer, part numbers and codes
  • Extensive product details and images can be loaded
  • Product specific requests for further information
  • Dynamic links to manufactures specifications and material data safety sheets
  • Integration to major payment gateways or secure credit card processing
  • Keep customer up-to-date via emails
  • Customer specific pricing
  • Customer enquiry on the status of any order in progress
  • Simple ordering from approved customers
  • Supports multiple e-markets from a single point
  • Seamless interface to existing inventory and FMIS
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